Fourth Street Farm is a dream in the making.  Ever since my husband and I spent a summer apprenticing on an organic farm in Oregon, I’ve wanted to grow delicious food and spend my days tending plants.  But as a lot of us know, a short stint of “trying out living in the mountains” turned into putting down roots in this awesome community in which land happens to be extremely expensive, so farming was put on hold.  After 9 years of teaching, I’ve decided to revisit farming and embrace my tiny one third of an acre to lovingly tend it to be as productive as possible.  We currently have chickens, turkeys, ducks for eggs, meat, stellar compost, and bug control.  They run on 10 mini pastures that I’m working to improve to include 50 annual and perennial species to maximize nutrition.  In the orchard you’ll find apples, peaches, pears, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and currants all underplanted with herbs and flowers as companions.  All kinds of annual veggies and flowers in the garden and hoop house provide a delicious harvest.

My future plans include expanding our production of cut flowers for bouquet sales and herbs and herbal products including fresh culinary and medicinal herbs, herbal syrups, shrubs, tincture/extracts, teas, and salves.

Please be in touch with any requests!

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