Coming Soon!


Fourth Street Farms will soon be offering veggie garden consulting services for Eagle and Gypsum Colorado!

The details are still in the works, but we’ll be offering:

  • Personalized garden planting schedules (including what [varieties] and when [which dates] to plant for a continuous harvest of home-grown veggies
  • Garden education visits (how to plant, weed, harvest, and more)
  • Garden sitting (we all need to get out of town sometimes)
  • Garden bed design (including materials list-and possibly construction)
  • Season extension materials (purchase covers by the foot instead of massive amounts online)
  • Seed ordering
  • Food preservation classes and workshops

Do you want to stay in the loop as we launch this fall?!

Garden Goals for 2020

I’m already planning the 2021 garden and the 2020 one hasn’t even really taken off, so I better document what I’m planning on achieving in the garden this year.

Garden Goal

To provide the family with only vegetables from the grocery store for 9 months (May-January). There are a couple exceptions – peppers and celery – we eat a lot of those and there’s no way we can grow enough in our short season. Also, we’ve got some in the freezer still and those are fair game. To make this a reality, I’ll be focusing on a few things:

  • Garden layout redesign
  • Irrigation, fertigation, and season extension practices
  • Succession sowing and planting
  • Root cellar and food preservation

Garden Layout Redesign

Moving from 5×5′ boxes to 4×18′ will give me about 15-20% more growing space in the same footprint and a lot less pathway weeding. Adding in offcial beds near the tool shed and in the original orchard area will help people not walk through planting areas. I’m also hoping that more defined growing spaces will inspire me to keep them weed free rather than thinking of them as wild areas.

Irrigation, Fertigation, Season Extension

Continue with the these practices and make improvements where I can. The irrigation will be divided into zones with the same types of emitters and plants (annuals vs perennials) to be more efficient. Some beds around the poultry run will be set up to be fertigated with duck tub water. Low tunnels will be installed, and I’ll be trying out plasticulture using biodegradable film.

Succession Planting

I hope to actually stick to my seed starting schedule and avoiding seedling death due to forgetting to water them. While I do love a good plan, in the past my plan has been derailed with last minute decisions on what goes in the seed blocks on any given day. And lastly, I’ll be keeping better notes about which sowings and transplant sizes seem the most successful and finding the illusive combinations that allow two crops from the same area in a 3 month frost free growing season.

Root Cellar

I know from last year that we can have an abundance of storage crops, but without a cold storage space, there’s little point in growing it. Planning and constructing a cold storage area for the crops by mid August ideally or Sept 1 at the latest.

Winter is in Full Swing

It was COLD last night (-11 degrees cold!!) but today is sunny and the birds are out sunning themselves in the balmy 0 degrees.  The start of official winter brought frigid temperatures, but at least they’re balanced with lengthening days.  It’s time to start planning the garden for next year.  I’m focusing on the storage crops that did well for us last year like the humble onion.  Since we don’t have a fantastic cold storage set up, the warm keepers like squash and onions are what’s doing well.  Grabbing an onion from the attic for dinner most nights feels way more satisfying than it should.

I haven’t poked a look inside the greenhouse in a few weeks.  But I’ll peer inside the next time it is reasonably warm.  Seeing those little green sprout soldiers standing ready for longer days and some water is miraculous.

Herbal Infused Syrups

Elevate your next cocktail with Fourth Street Farm’s Herbal Infused Syrups.  Made simply with organic cane sugar and fresh homegrown herbs, our syrups add a delicious burst of flavor when 3/4 – 1 oz. is added to favorite mixed drinks or simply combine with sparkling water and a squeeze of citrus for a refreshing summer drink!

All syrups are made fresh.   Please refrigerate after opening.  Each 8 oz bottle is enough for 8-10 drinks.

Mint: Try it in mojitos or iced tea

Rhubarb Mint: delicious in mojitos

Basil: great for lemonade or Meyer Lemon-Basil Sorbet (from OhMyVeggies)