Winter is in Full Swing

It was COLD last night (-11 degrees cold!!) but today is sunny and the birds are out sunning themselves in the balmy 0 degrees.  The start of official winter brought frigid temperatures, but at least they’re balanced with lengthening days.  It’s time to start planning the garden for next year.  I’m focusing on the storage crops that did well for us last year like the humble onion.  Since we don’t have a fantastic cold storage set up, the warm keepers like squash and onions are what’s doing well.  Grabbing an onion from the attic for dinner most nights feels way more satisfying than it should.

I haven’t poked a look inside the greenhouse in a few weeks.  But I’ll peer inside the next time it is reasonably warm.  Seeing those little green sprout soldiers standing ready for longer days and some water is miraculous.

Herbal Infused Syrups

Elevate your next cocktail with Fourth Street Farm’s Herbal Infused Syrups.  Made simply with organic cane sugar and fresh homegrown herbs, our syrups add a delicious burst of flavor when 3/4 – 1 oz. is added to favorite mixed drinks or simply combine with sparkling water and a squeeze of citrus for a refreshing summer drink!

All syrups are made fresh.   Please refrigerate after opening.  Each 8 oz bottle is enough for 8-10 drinks.

Mint: Try it in mojitos or iced tea

Rhubarb Mint: delicious in mojitos

Basil: great for lemonade or Meyer Lemon-Basil Sorbet (from OhMyVeggies)